Jenna Arndt

Don’t let Jenna’s sweet smile fool you. As Head Trainer and VP of Fitness Programming at Swerve, she’s the mind behind Swerve’s challenging-yet-rewarding rides. She’s also an amateur DJ, which means you can expect carefully crafted playlists to keep your body moving in every ride.

Midland, TexasHometown
My ClassesComing soon
Sum your workouts up in one word.


What energy do you bring to your classes?

In my classes I like to bring an open vibe, a welcoming vibe. I want people to come to class, meet others, and make new friends. In addition to that, once you are in there, I’m really going to push you.

What Swerve challenges do you have your eye on?

My favorite challenge is the Race Challenge. I love getting you going as hard as you can and getting you racing on hills.

What does team mean to you?

For me, a team is all about a support system; people that you can lean on, people that are going to push you to grow and better yourself, and people that are going to lift you up.

Let's Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!
Let's Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!