We’re live streaming immersive indoor cycling workouts into your local Crunch gym. We believe in creating an experience in your workout, and we’re here to deliver.


We fuel our workouts with data. How does this ride compare to your last? How many rides have you shown up for this month? How far have you come since your first ride? We track it so we can celebrate it. 

Studio vs Studio 

Your studio is your team, your fellow riders are your teammates, and every ride is a friendly competition with other gym locations. Why? Because you’ll ride harder with a team alongside you and a goal to reach for. 

A Good Time

We combine beat- and power-based challenges that pull your body into the rhythm and give your mind something to work for. Trainers throw new challenges and themes your way every ride, so it always feels like the first time.

Meet the Trainers

Hugo Barbosan

Originally hailing from Colombia, and now based in New York City,...

Music: Spotify

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photo of Jenna

Jenna Arndt

Don’t let Jenna’s sweet smile fool you. As Head Trainer and...

Music: After Dark

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photo of Kyle

Kyle Axman

Kyle’s that contradiction you can’t help but get addicted to....

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photo of Brian

Brian McCollum

Brian might look like the boy next door, but he can turn it up...

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photo of Natalie

Natalie Ortiz

When you have a trainer that’s graced the stage with everyone...

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Is there a trainer there?

Our elite trainers are live streaming to you from Swerve’s Live Streaming Headquarters. With our advanced technology and production studio, our trainers have the ability to be with you every step of the way. You’ll know it when you hear them calling out your name.

Will someone help me set up my bike?

Yes we will. A dedicated Swerve staff member will be at your Crunch location to ensure you’re all set up and your questions are answered.

Do I need shoes?

You can wear sneakers or bring your own cycling shoes–Crunch bikes allow for Delta and SPD clips. Cycling shoes are not provided by Crunch.

How do I see the data from my class?

Following your workout you will receive an email with your stats.

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    Let's Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!