Bring the Power of Swerve to Your People

Swerve’s immersive workout experience was born in New York City and now, it can be streamed directly to your people, under your roof.

We’ve created a unique experience and scientifically-proven method that’s accessible, community-building, engaging, and data driven. Our partnership opportunities bring new clientele, engage existing members, and build revenue. Where typical fitness investments can run stale, Swerve’s technology-based platform means we never stop evolving, so neither do you.

Where Can You Offer Swerve

The Swerve experience can be delivered anywhere that people come together to workout, or to work as a team—from Gyms, Hotels, and Universities, to Corporate Offices, Shared Work Spaces, Membership Clubs, and Rec Centers.

How it Works

All your space needs are bikes and a television screen. An entirely digital set up means turnkey operations and little-to-no upstart costs. Within days, your business can be offering Swerve’s groundbreaking fitness experience.

Swerve Partners

“For 30 years, Crunch has been at the forefront of innovative group fitness offerings, and we are continuing that tradition with our partnership with Swerve by developing a one of a kind ride experience that builds motivation through friendly competition. Crunch is also all about customizing your experience to your life, so the ability to privately track wins, metrics and gains makes Swerve a fantastic partner – particularly for creating a fit and fun environment for our members and the entire NYC community.”

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    Let's Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!