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Swerve challenges all people, at all levels to dig deeper. We use science-backed methods for a fitness experience that heightens your motivation through personal progress, competitive challenges, and playlists that make you move.

Our Story

We took a shot, that’s how we look at it.

When we met in grade school we never would have guessed that one day we’d be leaving our jobs to create a cycling studio together. All three of us co-founders — Chelsea, JH, and Eric — were lacrosse players in college. After years of benefiting from team accountability, a structured routine, and competition that required us to be better, we felt it all slipping away as we transitioned to desk jobs and the typical fitness options.

Despite being led by an instructor, and being surrounded by people in studio workouts, we found that we’d get a decent workout, at best. We weren’t being pushed to the level that we had been before. We weren’t actually benefiting from the energy of the other people in the room. And they weren’t benefiting from us. We were going through the motions and then getting on with the day.


So we put it all on the line. We pooled our life savings and left the comfort of our jobs.

In 2013, we introduced the world’s first team-cycling studio. And people loved it. Over the last seven years we’ve watched riders across New York City show up, push themselves, and improve. We’ve watched them rack up personal bests, turn losses into motivation for the next win, and take on challenges above and beyond their daily workout routine. We’ve watched a real community grow. Not just the kind you find on social media. It turns out that the same things that helped us thrive out on the lacrosse field as a team were the same things that would bring people together in a NYC cycling studio.

Today we’re the same three entrepreneurs that continue to want more, except now we’re grateful to have built a loyal and motivated team of people that want the same.

We were born on a bike. But we’ve evolved.


Introducing the Bike

Train on your terms with our immersive experience. The bike redefines how you workout at home with live and recorded sweat sessions from our top-tier trainers.


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